LaVida Massage: Your Source for High Quality Skin Care & Facial Services

The first step towards looking vibrant and confident is healthy, glowing skin. With LaVida Massage, we offer professional skin care services that can enhance any wellness routine, so you can start looking and feeling fresh!

LaVida Massage of Plymouth, MI is committed to supporting your healthy lifestyle through customized facial and skin care treatments. We believe that every local community should offer convenient and affordable skin care services that accessible to even those with the busiest schedules. By offering the highest quality esthetic and facial services right here at LaVida Massage, you can keep your skin healthy, treat damaged skin, and prevent aging with your personal skin care program today!

Skin Care Services: Facials & Waxing - Plymouth, MI | LaVida Massage - signature_facialCustom Skin Care Solutions from LaVida Massage

We provide our unique Custom Signature Facial right here at LaVida Massage of Plymouth, MI. Our custom skin care services range from ultrasonic facials to designer peels, and much more -- all as part of our comprehensive selection of skin care solutions.

Perfect for any skin type, LaVida Massage’s proven skin care solutions have been specifically developed to therapeutic treatments for the a wide variety of the most frequently developed conditions, as defined by our guests. These include...

  • Anti-aging skin care treatment
  • Dry & damaged skin
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Blemishes & skin redness
  • Acne and rosacea

Here at LaVida Massage of Plymouth, MI, we provide uniquely designed and customized facials and skin care treatments to effectively treat each of our guests on an individual basis. We understand that skin care and facial treatments are in high demand, and our customers expect only the best results. If you need the best, most affordable skin care solutions in your local area, try our Signature Custom Facial treatment and Deep Pore Cleansing today!

When Dermalogica meets skin, skin health is redefined. Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide. Dermalogica believes that skin health is far more important than bright colors and fancy packaging. Because of this, each product is formulated with ingredients that are designed to treat and replenish the skin, without artificial colors or fragrances. With customizable products for every skin type and condition, you are sure to meet your best skin ever with Dermalogica. Stop into LaVida Massage of Plymouth to receive a FREE Dermalogica Face Mapping Skin Analysis from our licensed skin therapist and receive a prescribed skin care regimen to achieve your best skin ever.

LaVida Massage of Plymouth, MI has carefully chosen each of our skin care products and service partners based on proven results over long periods of time. Which is why you can trust us for all of your skin care needs!

Skin Care Services: Facials & Waxing - Plymouth, MI | LaVida Massage - designer_peelWhy Choose LaVida Massage for Your Skin Care Needs?


LaVida Massage of Plymouth, MI prides itself on being locally owned and operated and having incomparable level of dedication to serving our community and guests with professional facial and skin care services at our beautiful, relaxing wellness centers.

Our guests expect only the best skin care from our locations and we are driven by our desire and passion to provide consistent results. The expert team of skin care professionals at LaVida Massage of Plymouth has an ever-growing level of knowledge and understanding of our unique skin care solutions and products and it is our mission to provide convenient, affordable and effective care to our community.

Call us at 734-207-1400 for more information about all of our customized skin sessions and high quality products. Or, book your appointment online today!

It’s more than skin deep at your LaVida Massage Center in Plymouth, MI!

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